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Haier Thermocool Digital Stabilizer 2000VA with model TEC STABILIZER DIGITAL 2000VA.

This device protects your precious gadgets and appliances during various harmful power fluctuations and power cut-offs.

It  is an ideal device for every household.

To ensure 100% protection, this device also provides full protection during high voltage, low voltage, high temperature and short circuit.

Security and consistency are a definite with this Haier Thermocool Stabilizer.

Home appliances and gadgets are assured safety when connected to the Haier Thermocool Digital Stabilizer 2000VA.

You can count on Haier Thermocool stabilizers to provide consistent output voltage to protect your appliances from unexpected power fluctuations.

Haier Thermocool Digital Stabilizer 2000VA short circuit and overload protection feature ensures that your circuit breakers are well protected.

The time delay push button feature will ensure that your appliances are protected in cases of power fluctuations.

This feature comes in handy especially in countries with frequent black outs and fluctuating power supply.

It is lightweight so you will find it easy to move around. It is easy to clean too.
The Haier Thermocool Digital Stabilizer 2000VA combines style and efficiency in one.

Haier Thermocool commits to bringing you innovative, affordable and also, well-designed products that add value to your life.

  • 2000VA Socket type Stabilizer
  • 100% power output guaranteed
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Time Delay Push Button
  • High Output Voltage Protection
  • High temperature Protection
  • Carrying Handle for Convenience
  • Power Indicator
  • Maximum Power Efficiency and Fast Reaction

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